A - Z of Superfoods for Kids to eat!

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

A is for apples #superfoods

Do you wonder what are the best superfoods for your children for their wellbeing, body and mind?

Would you like to feed your kids healthier foods? Less sugar, salt and fat?

Get your kids involved in the kitchen at home by getting them to find out fascinating facts about the superfoods they can eat. They will enjoy food and remember them so better. A is for Apples….. We love apples at #kidslove2cook apples are a favourite with kids of all ages, they are a great all-rounder, they are good for your kids brain, heart, digestive system and eyes! High in vitamins and fibre, they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well one apple a day can help reduce calorie intake and provides a filling snack. We love apples raw, baked and specially for a variety of homemade juices. Eating apple peal is good for kids as it contains pectin that acts as a probiotic for a healthy digestive system and promotes good bacteria. Apples can help you clean your teeth after a meal. Buy green or red apples that are firm to touch and not bruised, apples can be eaten as a snack, in a salad or blender as part of a smoothie or juice.