Kitchen Rules...

Even the most experienced mini chefs need to follow kitchen rules. So whether you are new to cooking or not, be sure to follow these guidelines so everyone is safe, healthy and ready to have fun in the kitchen!


Being clean and careful in the kitchen will prevent germs from spreading, and stop you from getting poorly.

· Always wash your hands before you begin cooking, and wash then again if they get messy, or if you touch raw meat, fish or poultry.

· Use hot soapy water to clean chopping boards and knives used to cut raw meat, fish or poultry.

· Be sure to check use-by dates on ingredients.

· All fruits and vegetables should be washed before you begin cooking with them.

· Tasting as you cook is part of the fun, but never try something containing uncooked meat, fish, poultry or eggs.


Cooking is great fun, but it can also be dangerous. Use these steps to make sure you do not hurt yourself.

· Always have an adult around while you cook so they can watch out for you and help with the trickier or more dangerous parts.

· Ask an adult to help whenever you need to touch anything hot.

· Take extra special care when cutting, peeling, grating or using a blender.

· Tidy up as you go and be sure to wipe up any spillages.