R is for rice...

R is for rice...

Rice has been one of the most widely eaten crops for as thousands of years across the world. In some cultures, this carbohydrate makes up more than three quarters of the average diet. White rice can provide energy quickly and help replenish glycogen in muscles after exercise, however brown rice is definitely the healthier option for kids.

It contains loads of fibre and nutrients and is low in calories. Its other benefits, like how it is good for the heart and eases digestion makes it a great part of almost any meal. Asia alone both produces and consumes 90% of the world’s rice. There are over 40,000 varieties of rice the three favourite are Basmati, Italian Arborio and Thai Jasmine. September is National Rice Month.

Rice can also cause food poisoning if not cooled, reheated and stored correctly. Ideally rice should be cooled down within 90 mins before you put it in a fridge, always take it out of the hot pan or dish and place in a cold plastic container, tray, if it is plain rice you can cool it down under cold water or you can make an ice bath at home. Make sure when you reheat you can see steam or bubbles, make sure it is piping hot, ideally don’t store in the fridge more than a couple of days.

Rice is a great base for big flavours, serve it with herbs, spices, chicken, seafood, meat or veggies, you are spoilt for choice!

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