C is for carrots...

C is for Carrots… these crunchy, tasty and highly nutritious vegetables don’t just come in orange! They can be yellow or purple as well. Carrots have got a lovely sweet flavour, which means you can use them raw or cooked, and in sweet or savoury dishes.

They are packed full of vitamin A which is great for keeping your eyes healthy. Carrots also contain vitamin K which is important to help you heal from cuts and grazes, as well as keeping your bones strong.

They have also got lots of important minerals and vitamins, as well as calcium which is great for bones and teeth, and magnesium that helps your kids absorb all those essential nutrients.

You can use carrots to make....

  • carrot juice

  • carrot muffins

  • carrot biscuits

  • carrot cupcakes

  • carrot cake

  • carrot smoothies

  • carrot chips

  • carrot salad

  • carrot soup

  • carrot sticks and lots more.... 🥕🥕

Store carrots in the fridge and cut off the green tops to stop them from drawing out the nutrients from the root. Always wash and peel before eating.