F is for fish...

F is for Fish…

There are many benefits for kids, fish is packed with nutrients for the brain and bones, such as omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, vitamin D and calcium.

In very young children, some of the nutrients in fish (DHA) are tied to the neuro development of the brain. Fish is really good for kids to eat, the NHS recommend we should eat two portions, including one oily fish. This type of fish is full of protein, vitamins and minerals to keep your kids heart and brain healthy. You can buy for your kids salmon, sardines, mackerel herrings and trout.

White fish can be eaten every day and include plaice, cod, haddock and pollock, all very low in fat, the best ways to cook fish is baked, steamed or grilled, not fried!

Keep fish fresh in the fridge on the bottom shelf and raw fish should always be separate from cooked products, eat fish within a few days of buying and never consume past the use by date as it’s a safety issue. When you buy whole fish look at the eyes, if the eyes are clear it is fresh, if cloudy the fish is deteriorating and it shouldn’t smelly fishy.

A big trend for kids is sushi & sashimi, favourite places to take kids is @itsuofficial @yosushi @rokarestaurant @sticksnsushi all kids friendly. We love to make sushi at home 🍣 🍣 more on this later!