I is for iceberg...

I is for Iceberb Lettuce...

Iceberg lettuce has tightly packed, pale green-white leaves. It got its name from the way it was traditionally packed on ice for transportation. Lettuce is a source of folate and supplies small amounts of vitamin C. The darker outer leaves also provide beta-carotene.

Kids don鈥檛 usually love salad but with iceberg being crunchy it seems to be a winner. Although it's low in fibre, it has a high water content, making it a refreshing choice during hot weather.

Buying and storing - select an iceberg lettuce that is heavy for its size with fresh-looking leaves that are firm to touch. Store in a plastic bag or container away from any raw products like meat, fish and chicken. Iceberg must be eaten fresh and quickly as its wilts very quickly after buying

To prepare remove the leaves and rinse under cold water. Lettuce bruises easily, so tear the leaves instead of cutting with a knife. As there are a lot of different bacteria鈥檚 in the ground when growing lettuce I usually wash all my salad in salad wash or salted water for about 15 mins to clean and disinfect the product! 馃 馃

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